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The $$$ hooker – Damian?

It appears that the person in the accompanying pictures who uses the names Moyo, Steve and Ben practices a ‘new’ version of the blackmail scam. He will visit your office or home and will then present you with a demand for a dollar settlement or he will cause a scene. Reported demands range from $300-$1,000. He uses the gaydar id “bcute4k” and the mail address

This is a warning, he is a constant presence on the internet and very bold too. All he needs is to get you into a vulnerable situation where a scene is the last thing you need, and then he bares his fangs. We are looking forward to posting his phone numbers and home address when we obtain that information.


At this time the best information we have is that the name he has used longest is Damian with another user id ‘Nigerianpride’ on gaydar. He claims to have graduated from Ambrose Alli University (or attends Covenant University) and may come from Edo State. The profile is full of lies intended to present him as a decent person and phone numbers associated with this person are 08063242807 and 08076113714 though like his ‘names’, these may frequently change.

bcute4k - blackmail and theft

Damian – bcute4k – blackmail and theft
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