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Damian (pictures from the film ‘Men In Love’)

Thanks Isi.

Damian - thief, and now actor?



Damian - Men In Love

Damian - Men In Love

Emeka Akanike

Emeka Akanike, a person intimately connected with some of the earliest blackmail stories coming out of Abuja, is very much back in the business of blackmail and theft. Emeka does not appear to spend much time running his company Aquanike Nigeria Ltd since he is often traveling between Benin where his mother resides (Off Ihama Road), and Abuja. Many of his old friends have moved on and found real jobs but Emeka still recruits and trains younger ones to use as bait. Since we know he and his partners in crime read this blog, be warned, we are looking to obtain pictures from your coming wedding for publication here. We know your dry boutique at Adesuwa Road, Benin crashed but there is no excuse for your turning to crime to fund your wedding.

Eddy Effiong Ekpo – ‘pante’ on

Eddy Ekpo, ‘pante‘ on, also on facebook,, twitter, is behind the posting of a disturbing extortion video on youtube under the username ‘acceptpante‘. This young 200 level student of Benson Idahosa University, Benin is also reputed to be an associate of Desmond.

eddy.ekpo on facebook

Eddy Ekpo


eddy ekpo - facebook

eddy ekpo - facebook

Eddy Ekpo as 'pante' on

Eddy Ekpo as 'pante' on

07039473073 on manjam aka Peter

07039473073 Peter - Kingsly, thief, blackmailer

07039473073 Peter - Kingsly, thief, blackmailer

07039473073‘ on uses the name Kingsly in his profile but is called Peter, appears to reside at No. 11 Apollo Street, Makoko has just been identified as a thief and blackmailer. He has two male friends and two female friends, possibly his neighbours (one called Felicia) who assist him by discreetly trying to film or photograph encounters between him and other men. Their plan is to then either seize your clothing or property and hold it as ransom. He is also happy to involve the local police station in his extortion attempt, and they are not to be trusted. You can check out his profile here while it remains online but ALL his pictures are on our FLICKR page.

07039473073 Peter - Kingsly, thief, blackmailer

07039473073 Peter - Kingsly, thief, blackmailer

How They Caught… The Ghana dating scammers

This should be of some interest. Watch the video and learn from BBC Crimewatch.

Are you being scammed?

If you think you’ve been a victim of fraud, you can contact Action Fraud – the UK’s national fraud reporting centre. You will get a crime reference number and information on victim support. Action Fraud also offers information on how to protect yourself against becoming a victim. Find Action Fraud at or call 0300 123 2040. Please note that the BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites.

SOCA also has these scam-busting tips for anyone considering using dating sites or singles columns:

Be suspicious of anyone you have not met in person asking you to send money abroad. Even a cheque for a small amount can provide fraudsters with your bank details and can be altered and used in other fraudulent ways.

Speak to them online via a webcam and ask yourself whether this is the same person you have been chatting to online or by email.

Tell someone trustworthy where you are going and plan regular contacts. Agree what they should do if you miss a contact.

Report incidents of actual or attempted frauds, kidnaps and extortion.

419 Investigation

Peter Zuma Myers aka Timmy Jones

Wanted: Peter Zuma Myers

The individual in the pictures is last known to have been using the aliases Peter Zuma Myers and Timmy Jones. He is currently active on as ‘gayintimmy‘ and on as ‘peterluvmyers‘. He often claims to be of dual nationality (re his ‘British/American father’ or his ‘South African mother’), with parents either separated or one or both being deceased. His other stories involve his just recovering from an abusive relationship, or trouble with the law, passport/travel problems and variations thereof. His intention is to generate the sympathy and online romance necessary for his 419 scam to work. He has proved to have contacts in Nigeria, Ghana, and in different parts of the United Kingdom, who are willing and able to redirect the proceeds of his crime to him. He is a frequent presence on all the gay contact websites where he has been observed to spend many hours at ‘work’ switching identities as he actively pursues foreign contacts with his empty promises.


Below is a list of his known accomplices, though the veracity of their names (with the exception of Philip Andoh-Davies, who banks with Ecobank Ghana and provided his real banking information) cannot be ascertained at this time. An official investigation has been initiated with regard to the activities of this individual and his support network, and we would like to appeal for any information (even regarding casual contacts or chats) that would lead to an arrest. All information will be treated in confidence.
(To see samples of emails he sends, click here scam mail or the link at the top right of the page.)

Last known contact details:
Phone: UK +447508591988 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              +447508591988      end_of_the_skype_highlighting, SA +27114613395 Ghana +233541053571 Nigeria +2348071476315 +2347066842808 +2348120500424

Other parties involved:

Barrister Mensah Coscharis
Phone: Ghana +233541230755 Nigeria +2348037550491

Jerry Selasi Tamakloe aka Jerry Sellasie (claims his wifes’ name is Beatrice Amarh)
Phone: Ghana +233277685784, Nigeria +2348051214227

Jesley Saroj

Jay Adeyemi

Phone: +2348069065675

Maureen Cole

Williams O Adeleke
Phone: +233266858569

Kwame Agati –
Museum of Science and Technology Complex, (Opposite TIGO Head Office)
Postal address: CT 4757, Cantonments, Accra, Ghana
Tel: +233289101900
Mobile: +233244239831

Philip Andoh-Davies aka Philip Andoh aka Philip Andoh Tarqwa
Mobile number +233266858569 Email:
Account Name: Philip Andoh – Davies
Account Number: 0010034415487001
Ecobank Ghana Ltd, 19th Seventh Avenue
Ridge-West, Accra, Ghana

Company names used:

Jodes Systems – Lloyds TSB, Account Number 00107222, Basildon, Essex UK.
Scope – Lloyds TSB, Account Number 00378720 St. Albans, Hertfordshire, UK.
Dizine Enterprises – Abbey National, Account Number 09012725551741, Glasgow, Scotland, UK.

Please note that the subject of the official investigation is ‘Peter Zuma Myers’. While we have paperwork at hand to show that all the other parties named here have acted in such a manner as to assist ‘Peter Zuma Myers’, we do not as yet claim that they acted knowingly in the commission or furtherance of criminal acts.

Wanted: Peter Zuma Myers

Wanted: Peter Zuma Myers


Peter Zuma Myers aka Timmy Jones

Wanted: Peter Zuma Myers

This person has surfaced on Facebook as Dominick Rauben and is using the id dominickrauben on

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