There is much too much unnecessary criminality that thrives in this town and some of us are just plain fed up with it. Of course one can understand some victims being afraid to expose their use of ‘online dating sites’ but the silence and blackmail, only encourages these scumbags. This is not about sexuality, it is about criminals taking advantage of others. We would strongly urge all persons to exercise great caution when meeting strangers they have been introduced to online, or when taking calls from people who claim to have been in touch with them previously on the net. We are sure they have many more tricks that we need to keep tabs on so your help is appreciated with compiling names, addresses and phone numbers and methods of these criminals and we would also like to know if any formal complaint has been lodged with the police. Pictures are also welcome.

We would suggest that you keep track of the usernames of these people and the sites contact was made on, as well as the ‘scenario’ they painted. Information as to location and details of their conversation can also be useful. This city is full of mobile phones with cameras so why don’t they get used? Do your bit to stop them and we will do our bit to get the word out and assist you. Thanks.

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lagosheat [at] gmail dot com

    • richie
    • August 31st, 2007

    y nt comply 2 wt dey wnt 2 avoid dia embarassment. u r sayin d police r aware, v u 4gotin dt wt u r talkin abt here is illegal here in our country?
    wt uv jst done is 2 bad even pastin dia pix gush
    well mayb dey aint man anof 2 face dia life deeds.
    it may b interestin 2 u nw bt i bet u, dis gorup will hit u bk.

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