Huguzy – – fake profile

huguzy on Gaydar

huguzy on Gaydar

We have received disturbing reports about this profile ‘huguzy‘ on the website. The picture is not of the profile owner and is simply used as bait. This person who uses the name John is known to to attempt to steal and extort by threatening to cause a scene in your home or office. Be wary of people who use pictures of others in their profiles!

    • Mike
    • May 28th, 2014

    Guys be careful of a guy with this number- 08146504973. He goes by the name West. He claims to be 23, living around Lekki-Ajah. He appears Innocent but when you sleep off, he would steal all your valuables like expensive phones laptops, Ipads and money.

    • dim nwadiugwu
    • April 21st, 2012

    Can you imagine,after stealing from a lot of guys,he still looks very dirty and unkempt. Damian and all his cohorts will die horrible death.

    • anuoluwapo
    • April 11th, 2012

    Hello Everyone,
    Damian a.k.a Benita is now fully back into ‘biz’ with the profile name ‘hardnuck’ on manjam. He is presently online as I write. He now uses the name Dave and phone number 08068643631. He had an unsucessful outing in Ogun State few days ago. The potential victim became suspicious when the person who turned up, apart from being different from the pic was also heavily bleached, scruffy, dirty and unkempt.
    Guys always take cover when they are not the ones in their profile pics and also when their appearance is at variance with the personality they profess on the phone!

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