Eddy Effiong Ekpo – ‘pante’ on manjam.com

Eddy Ekpo, ‘pante‘ on manjam.com, also on facebook, nigeriandates.com, twitter, is behind the posting of a disturbing extortion video on youtube under the username ‘acceptpante‘. This young 200 level student of Benson Idahosa University, Benin is also reputed to be an associate of Desmond.

eddy.ekpo on facebook

Eddy Ekpo


eddy ekpo - facebook

eddy ekpo - facebook

Eddy Ekpo as 'pante' on manjam.com

Eddy Ekpo as 'pante' on manjam.com

  1. Eddy Ekpo the Son of Mrs Alice…. Why are you doing this to the Ekpo’s family? I know you too well but I ain’t ;suprise though cos right from your mother’s womb, her children were already cursed… I wonder what Andy, Chiquito and the rest of your siblings life would be by now… It’s never too late to turn to the ways of God bro….

    • Prince
    • August 4th, 2012

    That is too bad for that old fool.

    • jimmy
    • September 29th, 2011

    I went to the same secondary school with this dude…..i’m in shock

  2. u all are very stupid 4 commentin, i Emma Ogala want to use the powers in me to thank the founder of lagosheat 4 makein me so popular in the gay world, wit my pics in lagosheat is so sexy, that i,m selin, imagin some 1 so my pics in lagosheat and my contact he payed my visa to south america, i just came back last week wit my cool money, so thank u 4 makin me a celebrity, i,m now so popular every body wants to no me, i,m stil on, and i,m back again in nigeria, thank u all my fans out there,from Emma Ogala i love u all.

      • Isi
      • June 11th, 2011

      You are a bit of an idiot abi! Why don’t you show your face if you think that is good for your ‘business’. The womb that gave you life was almost certainly cursed from the beginning. Please show yourself eh, and just see what happens. Illiterate whore.

    • kelly
    • March 11th, 2011

    I know dis richard he is a thief, he blackmails people too. Note: so far u know u ain’t a thief, why sud u hide ur face, @ eddy u don’t nid 2 cos u ain’t a thief. So far pipo still blivs u, live on wiv ur life, afterall dis pipo here can’t do anytin 4 u in da future. And it’s not worth crying 4, live on wiv ur life jor and don’t listen 2 cheap gossips.

      • lagosheat
      • March 13th, 2011

      Please stop posting about yourself Eddy!

        • Kola
        • March 17th, 2011

        I know this whore. HE was in a threesome with two married men at a hotel in VI. ASHEWO!

    • eddy
    • March 6th, 2011

    That is to say,am not such.I can’t steal,and surely nt you richard with ur smelling mouth.my friends are public,so am I.despite am on this site,spoilt by name.my face still open on air,think,becos am nt a thief.there are people who believes me.its better to be caught in the act or hear from the horses mouth.

      • Richard
      • March 8th, 2011

      Your face is featured on a website exposing thieving and blackmail boys not just thieving and blackmail boys, thieving and blackmail HOMOSEXUAL boys!! I say a hearty congratulations!! It’s Guiness Book of Records! What a lofty achievement! You deserve a bottle of champagne. phewwwww a lifetime achievement! When your sorry arse is 30, you’ll still be here, 40 you’ll still hold your pride of place. 65 we’ll still find you here..on lagosheat. may Lagosheat will oblige us with your recent pics as you age and fall apart.
      Thankfully you are not here under a pseudo name but by your true surnnames and forenames. Your family values becomes questioned, a reproach to the entire Ekpo family. I know that family, very respectable. You have brought shame and reproach to it. Shame should be your second skin.

      You are on manjam displaying yourself in mere briefs, exposing the outlines of your shrivelled penis. Dont you have a life, a future to look forward too! Being gay doesnt mean throwing decency to the wind. In your own interest pls get a life, despicable scumbag!

      We dont belong on the same rung of the socail ladder. i am not in the class of thieves and under achieving dregs. I AM NO MEAT FOR SMALL BOYS! CES FINIS.

    • Richard
    • March 4th, 2011

    this guy is on my manjam as hotass4blow. he is in just panties in his profile pic!! his friend list is also public. it may assist lagosheat get more criminal minded persons under surveillance.

    • ADEOLA
    • February 1st, 2011

    I met this ‘child of shame’ about 6 years ago when I lodged at Winnis Hotel in Surulere. He was in the company of about 4 other guys. Interestingly they were all about the same height, dressed alike in some cheap tight fitting ‘blouses’ and equally cheap pencil jeans. Everything about them was cheap, cheap, cheap and more cheap! including the pouches they all hanged on their shoulders! It was very apparent even to the simplest of minds that they were a bunch of MALE PROSTITUTES! Then I ran into them on the staircase and one of them made passes at me and invited me to their room. Alas they all holed up in the low rate room with just a ceiling fan! They were going to OJEZ CLUB for the night and wanted me to join the train. I knew there was something sinister about this boys and I declined. My instincts was right afterall! Thank goodness I listened to my inner mind!

    • Isi
    • January 29th, 2011

    I see the idiot has removed the video from youtube! After lying that he had misplaced his password. Hanging out with thieves and scum like that and you expect that Lagosheat will not feature you? It remains for your campus people to see your weed smoking photos abi? Just know for sure that your plan with Asika and Desmond et al has failed. Your day is coming.

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