Guess who

Ihechiogala or 'veinuscock' on manjam

Ihechiogala or 'veinuscock' on manjam

He is back with a new look. Of course from his manjam profile you can tell the lying persists. He claims to be seeing someone special but is also looking for someone who is loving and caring? It is our ‘old’ friend Ihechiogala, aka Ogala, John etc. Still a thief and established gang member and quite a dangerous fellow to be around. As for his claim to be in school at 300 level, the less said the better. Of course we hear his old tag team partner Wole Ojo is still actively soliciting out there. Ihechiogala can be reached on yahoo im with his id ‘ihechiogala‘, yahoomail, on gayromeo as ‘sashey‘, or on his latest phone numbers, 0803-2168520 and 0803-2168520. All the friends listed in his profile have been noted and we are actively seeking information on ‘babyboy4real‘ who appears as a friend to almost everyone who has ‘starred’ in this blog. We believe birds of a feather…

  1. You lagosheat good for nothing media tout you keep destroying people’s names and integrity,this young man ihechiogala is a promising young man and very innocent just because he is nice looking and won Mr ABSU during his time his opponents try distroying him by putting up all sort of nonsense against him, people make comments putting his name down as if he is the one commenting. We have investigated him very well and he is not a bad fellow. Stop this your rubbish publication against innocent people or we will be forced to close this site down. (National Associations of media touting control) NAMTC.

  2. pls pls tel al this men to leave me alon upon the lagosheat tin they are stil comin, the wost is that they are comin from the so caled lagosheat begin me to come and pay them a visit, they even send money to my acount i just meet 1 last week, after Sex he payed me 400 dollas, so u see i,m stil selin, i,m now a celebrity wooo wooo, from Emma ogala, u can not stop me, try me and see the red devil in me. Fuck u all.

    • kay
    • January 24th, 2011

    Hello fred. Am sory about what happened. Same happened to me. I want to k.ll this mutha fucker. Contact me let’s work 2geda, no matter how long it will take me. I will get him

    • Fred
    • February 25th, 2010

    Walahi, this guy dealt with me, pls his recent No. is 07069295655, somebody should stop this rampage.

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