Rogues gallery 2

George - theft and blackmail

George - theft and blackmail

 Voughn - Thief

Voughn - Thief

voughn aka 'novia' on manjam

voughn aka 'novia' on manjam

George - theft and blackmail

George - theft and blackmail

    • South Africa
    • March 12th, 2011

    You must all be waiting for updates…. Voughn recently fled back to Nigeria after living the life of a King in South Africa. Unfortunately the person whom Voughn was scamming got to find out all about this. Voughn lived with him, and this well known doctor even got Voughn an apartment in Johannesburg. Voughn exploited this doctor around each corner. Telling sob stories that his farther in Nigeria needs money for dialysis on a monthly basis. Well Voughn, there is a State Warrant for your arrest and this has also been escalated to Interpol. I hope to be around when you are arrested and returned to South Africa for trail!!!

    • vin
    • July 30th, 2010

    pls any updates on these guys?

  1. voughn aka ‘novia’ on manjam, may the almighty God finish u. he is a thief. specialized in stealing lap top and digital cameras. he was in my friend”s house to steal his lap top. but to God be the glory he was caught. what a shame. anyway if u continue in this act? ur parent might lose u one day.

    • deola
    • October 17th, 2009

    soon somebody would lure you faggots and murder you in cold blood while you are trying to swindle. those who patronise you themselves should be blamed.

    i encourage the blackmailer guys to continue. soon, the action against you will be murder in cold blood and will use cult guys to kill you off. just watch and see.

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