2go network warning – Ogbunabali, Otokoto


dating scam alert

A warning circulating on the 2go mobile network has been forwarded to us. It says that if you make dates to meet people at Eleme and CFC, Nsugbe in Osha (beside Nwaforizu College of Education), and Oji in Owerri, and Warri, you must take care not to fall into the hands of Ogbunabali or Otokutu. They have been setting people up in those areas. Another report concerning the 2go network happened in Surulere, where four persons turned up for the meeting and ended up assaulting a person they mistook for the contact made on 2go.

Bishop Donmanuel – Bishop Idibia on Facebook

Bishop Donmanuel - facebook

Bishop Donmanuel / Idibia on facebook

He has changed his name again on facebook from Bishop Donmanuel to Bishop Idibia but that does not change facts. This man was involved in a violent attempt to dispossess a contact he made on facebook, of his Blackberry phone. It would appear that he set up the incident with an okada rider who joined the resulting bloody fight. The incident has been reported to the police, and you are hereby warned.

Bishop Idibia - facebook

Bishop Idibia formerly Bishop Donmanuel - facebook

Bishop Idibia formerly Bishop Donmanuel - facebook

Bishop Idibia or Bishop Donmanuel - facebook

Huguzy – Gaydar.co.uk – fake profile

huguzy on Gaydar

huguzy on Gaydar

We have received disturbing reports about this profile ‘huguzy‘ on the gaydar.co.uk website. The picture is not of the profile owner and is simply used as bait. This person who uses the name John is known to to attempt to steal and extort by threatening to cause a scene in your home or office. Be wary of people who use pictures of others in their profiles!

Legal issue

The Lagosheat blog has received the following document from counsel acting on behalf of Asika Evans. The document has been forwarded to our counsel to investigate. In the interim, the page concerning Asika Evans has been taken down. We will keep you informed.



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Damian (pictures from the film ‘Men In Love’)

Thanks Isi.

Damian - thief, and now actor?



Damian - Men In Love

Damian - Men In Love

Emeka Akanike

Emeka Akanike, a person intimately connected with some of the earliest blackmail stories coming out of Abuja, is very much back in the business of blackmail and theft. Emeka does not appear to spend much time running his company Aquanike Nigeria Ltd since he is often traveling between Benin where his mother resides (Off Ihama Road), and Abuja. Many of his old friends have moved on and found real jobs but Emeka still recruits and trains younger ones to use as bait. Since we know he and his partners in crime read this blog, be warned, we are looking to obtain pictures from your coming wedding for publication here. We know your dry boutique at Adesuwa Road, Benin crashed but there is no excuse for your turning to crime to fund your wedding.


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